Pride of Pickens Bands

Pickens High School Bands
500 Dragon Drive, Jasper, GA 30143

About Us

Pride of Pickens Band Boosters

The Pride of Pickens Band Boosters is an organization that exists for the benefit of and to help promote the Pickens High School Band program and its students in grades 9 through 12. Band Booster members include parents, extended family, neighbors and friends; anyone interested supporting our children and helping out at various band events and activities. 

If you’re good at something, we can use your assistance!  

President:  Cindi Lowe-

Vice-President:  Stacy Henderson-

Secretary: Brenda Adams-


      Mandy Cantrell-

      Heather Pence-


      Tina Wiman-

      Melissa Bradley-

Chaperones:  Anita Jones-

Uniforms:  Rachel Nichols-

Pit Crew Chief: Chris Baker-

Sponsorships:  Devin Winkler-

Medical Staff: 

      Anita Jones-

      Cindy Baker-

      Rachel Nichols-

      Christopher Pence-

Who are the Pride of Pickens Band Boosters?

What do Band Boosters do? 

The Band Boosters help out in a variety of ways, including: 

• Organizing fund raising activities to pay for food, band supplies, equipment, uniforms (upkeep & cleaning of existing uniforms), some instrument repairs, and other band needs as identified by the band director. 100% of the net profit from booster activities goes right back into the band program, grades 5 through 12. 

• Attending band program events such as: Marching Competitions, Concert Performances, and anything else related to the band program.

• Assist the band director by providing volunteers for projects, such as

  • Measuring, fitting and mending band uniforms 
  • Chaperones for events and trips such as out of town football games, competitions, etc. 
  • Helping out the Pickens High School Band program as needed (banquets, parties, fundraising, etc.) 

How do I join?

You are a member as soon as you have a child in band. We meet once a month according to the band calendar on the band website in the high school band room. We hope to see you there!